Is there a PC Tech Handbook?

examseekerexamseeker Posts: 118Member
Is there a book that you could recommend that is like a PC Tech handbook or guide? I am looking for a general reference that can teach me more about IT problems. Is there a book out there with solutions to common problems in the workplace?




  • PlantwizPlantwiz Posts: 5,057Mod Mod

    Trial, error, research, peer counseling....


    Scott Mueller's books are ok.
    Stephen Bigelow books are ok.
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    Here's a link to Scott Mueller's book (I'd say this is what you're looking for):

    Keep in mind, though, even the best hardware guide won't help you when you're dealing with buggy software. In other words, "problems in the workplace" can range from user error to bad hard drives to complete infrastructure failure.
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