CCDA right after CCNA?

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I need an estimated time to get the CCNA and CCDA. A friend of mine has contract and he needs people witht hat level of knowledge and certifications. I will be taking the CCNA in 4weeks from now maximum.

What i need to know if it is possible to go straight to the DESGN course without studying BCMSN. I know it is part of the requirements but i think ive read around here people preparing and passing the exam without studying BCMSN.

My certification path after those will depend mostly on what i find in the job, but i think CCDP is next. I dont really have a problem studying for the BCMSN as I will do it eventually, but right now i have a little urgency to get both CCNA and CCDA.
Training/Studying for....CCNP (BSCI) and some MS.


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    Hey AlexMR,

    it depends on what your background is and what route you want to take.

    From my own experience it took me around 8 months to do my CCNA self study around work, studying from the sybex book and a home lab I created from 3 routers and 3 switches.

    I had some diagnostic backgrund in comms troubleshooting but was by no means an expert. saying that I was already competent in general networking and subnetting/routing protocol theory etc through on the job exp.

    CCNA is not something that can be done in a few weeks (in general) but if you have a load of exp it will be more achievable in shorter time period.

    CCDA is more technical theory and knowing which technology to use based on a requirement. again it depends on exp, I chose to do this as my company are going through several rfi/rfp's for a new WAN, video conferencing and IPT refresh. So far I've been stop starting with the studying for a fair few months for the CCDA and looking to sit the exam next month some time. I reckon the CCDA can be done it 2 - 3 months after the CCNA with dedicated study.

    I don't have the bcmsn but have not found any problems with learning the material. 5 years exp in a mix of field eng and network admin roles.

    Hope this helps

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