Best practice test software?

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First post!

What is the most recommended practice test for this exam? This is my first "non-MS" test.

I got the All-In-One book by Gregory White and the Transcender Practice Test. How does Transcender stack up for this test? Transcender helped me pass all of my MS tests.


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    You might want to look into Tcat's quiz. A lot of people liked his Beta guide for the Sec+. Maybe the practice exam will be just as good.

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    Find other resources to use as study guides. I'm using the All-In-One plus Tcat's full pdf. There is MUCH more information in the pdf than in the other book.
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    Tcats quizzers is good - also Boson #3
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    #3 better because newer?

    Was thinking of Transcenders but they are so expensive compared to the Boson.

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    Yes - #3 is more in tune with the weird way Comptia is structuring its questions.
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    I used Microsft book plus, Measureup at first went to try and pass the exam and failed. Then I purchased boson and prometric and passed. I found that prometric was pretty godd and boson also. Good luck to all
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    I need to get security+ certified this year. Do I need to take the network+ one first? I know it says you do not have to, but just wondered. Like to hear from those who have passed the security+ . Assuming a fair knowledge of networks (3 years of client server technical support in windows environment with previous h/w experience) could one pass the security+ without the complete knowledge in network+?
    Trying to getn thee with a limited budget. But willing to go the extra mile if needed.

    Thank in advance for your reply(ies). :)

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    I suggest that you have a good read through the back posts here first.
    Security+ is so far advanced form A+ that you really can not compare them.
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    I realize Security+ is far beyond A+. I am much byond A+ experience-wise. My question dealt with a person who (y=trying to save money) would miss anything by (preparing and ) taking SECURITY+ exam without taking NETWORK+ (assuming one had the basic NETWORK+ experience.

    Any opinions.

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    I normaly take MS exams when I can do the practice exams (Boson, Transcender) 95% + and always Pass.

    This is after the books/studying/labs etc.

    Is the Boson #3 a good indicator of test readyness?

    This would be my first ComptTIA and at $225US here I need something to judge if I am ready.
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    lagario -
    It is not necessarily the network skills needed, but the knowledge and understanding of security requirements. The is a lot to do with port numbers, but these not only include the std ones, but a whole bunch you may not have dealt with and also are not only the number, but the type of traffic.
    Have you been to the Comptia site and read the objectives?

    seek -
    From all accounts Boson #3 is real good. Having seen Tcats quizzer I would suggest that it would be handy to have along side the Boson one.
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