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Hey Gang,
I'm thinking of pursuing my Server+..... then...either MCSA or MSCE. I've heard that if you have your A+ and Server+ that it counts towards an elective in your MSCE track. long did you guys have to study for to get your Server+? Also, what study materials did you use? Normally I use preplogic stuff, but for some odd reason they don't have nothing for Server+. I don't really hear much about Server+, oh well. It's all MSCE or CCNA, ect...

A lil Background:
I have almost 5 years experience as a Network Admin for a small company (50 users, 6 servers, ect...). I actually JUST got my A+ this morning, took me about a month and half to study for Essentials and IT Technician. I also have my Network+ and Security+.

Just wondering on the time frame of obtaining Server+ and study materials. Thanks for any help.
WIP: CCENT/CCNA (.....probably)


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