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Ok, so bought some vouchers in Feb and prescheduled my 291, 293, and 294 exams using best-case scenario. Well, I pushed back 291 and 293, but left 294 alone. I had been studying, but not enough to feel prepared. I thought the exam was tomorrow and that I could reschedule last night at 4am. OOPS! Turns out it was today and I couldn't reschedule!! (I wanted at least another week to prep.)

I have yet to fail an exam and didn't want to start so I was prepared to no-show and just repay. But I decided that was stupid and that I should at least show up and fail so I could get my free second-shot.

1. This exam seemed to go in sequence. As in the questions weren't randomized but rather once you had answered a couple on one topic they never appeared again. This may be normal, but I felt like with 291 and 293 things were always popping up arbitrarily.

2. 42 questions, 210 minutes, three (?) sims, multiple exhibits and "move the boxes" questions.

3. I used the nuggets but only got 2/3s of the way through. I had planned to use Syngress but that didn't happen for reasons mentioned above. I will finish up the nuggests and hit the chapters of the Syngress where I'm weak before moving on.

4. Lots of group policy (of course) and especially SITE issues. As in configuring replication links and group policies to apply inter-site. I have a strong *single-domain* AD background, esp w/ group policy. But I have no experience (yet) with sites. So I struggled.

5. A few FSMO questions. They were all very easy. But that may have had something to do with a certain young freshly-minted MCP circa 2003 forgetting to check the replication logs one day after adding a new DC then demoting the old one only to find his entire AD infrastructure had blowed up. :D Amazing how much you can learn doing that.

6. Know that BEST PRACTICE when adding users and groups from a different domain to the ACL of a local domain's resources that GLOBAL GROUPS get added to LOCAL DOMAIN group's resource list. Or something like that. And Distribution Groups are useless in this exam.

7. Understand the advantages and disadvantage of Universal Group Caching vis-a-vis a Global catalog server.

8. No Prometric problems today. (1 out of 3 ain't bad)

Score: 823

Next up: Either 297 or 298 (can't decide!)


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