Passed yesterday with 797 - Overstudied??

rhodesadrhodesad Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
I passed the Security+ exam yesterday with a 797. Made a big mistake by changing 3 of my answers at the end of the test. One question on the Kerberos port stumped me. I had not seen that in any of my study material.

I used Exam Cram, study notes here on TechExams, wikepedia, and a couple of study guides I found on google from the following search string: security+ study guide filetype:pdf

I think I may have absorbed too much detailed info instead of keeping it simple. I thought I would have scored in the high 800s.

I used the CompTia objectives 1 for 1 to ensure I studied everything.

Next is CISSP as I'm one of the only managers who doesn't have it here in my Federal Gov't job. (peer pressure).


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