Passed Today

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After reading the Exam Cram book, Tech Notes and O'Reilly A+, Network+, Security+ Exams in a Nutshell decided I would bit the bullet and go for it.

The exam was a real shock! I was reading the questions and baffled by most having to stop several times to make sure I was taking the right exam. It’s not that the questions were too hard, just very ambiguous e.g.

Choose the BEST cup of tea

A.) Lipton-ICE Tea
B.) Assam
C.) Ceylon
D.) Lapsang souchong

Obviously no one likes A or D so we have to decide whether it is a Assam or Ceylon day icon_wink.gif

Thought I had messed this up scoring about 500 max, but after the post exam survey said I scored 835! Well I will gladly accept this but want to warn others that this is not the easy option so know your stuff!


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    Congratulations, nice score! icon_thumright.gif
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    Which proves that I really do not know much about tea. :D

    Good job! It sounds like my experience with the exam as well. The ambiguity really got to me so I was convinced I had failed.
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    congrats :D
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    Congrats on the pass!

    And the answer is A icon_lol.gif
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    congratz on the pass!!!

    Very Nice score
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  • Nishesh.PrasadNishesh.Prasad Member Posts: 185
    nice job !
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    Congrats!! icon_cool.gif

    anything else lined up for you?
  • stupidboystupidboy Member Posts: 470
    SSji wrote:
    Congrats!! icon_cool.gif

    anything else lined up for you?

    Its straight back to Citrix for me.

    I am really sad and have all my study materials right next to my bed. The pile of books and papers was very large at the beginning of the this year and included (from top to bottom)

    * Citrix Access Gateway (Passed in Jan)
    * 70-292 (Passed in Feb)
    * 70-296 (Passed in March)
    * Security+ (Passed in Apr)
    * Citrix 1Y0-256 (2 more to CCEA)

    They have been stacked on top of each other so the Citrix one has been hanging around some time now icon_wink.gif Once this one is out of the way I will no more books in my way :D
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