Passed Today

stupidboystupidboy Member Posts: 470
After reading the Exam Cram book, Tech Notes and O'Reilly A+, Network+, Security+ Exams in a Nutshell decided I would bit the bullet and go for it.

The exam was a real shock! I was reading the questions and baffled by most having to stop several times to make sure I was taking the right exam. It’s not that the questions were too hard, just very ambiguous e.g.

Choose the BEST cup of tea

A.) Lipton-ICE Tea
B.) Assam
C.) Ceylon
D.) Lapsang souchong

Obviously no one likes A or D so we have to decide whether it is a Assam or Ceylon day icon_wink.gif

Thought I had messed this up scoring about 500 max, but after the post exam survey said I scored 835! Well I will gladly accept this but want to warn others that this is not the easy option so know your stuff!


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