Questions I like help with

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Questions I like help with icon_confused.gif

1. I am using the third edition from mike meyers and
the train signal training videos.
Both of these venhors are authorized with comptia to produce these study guides but give different information.

etc. Mike meyers study guides say WAP work on the physical layer.
FDDI has a maximum ring size of 100 kilometers.

Train signal say WAP work on the Data layer.
FDDI has a maximum ring size of 60 kilometers.

2. I understand that the pass score is 554 so how many questions can I get wrong out of the 85 questions for me to failed?

3. In the pratice test if you are unsure with an question you can mark it and go back to it later. Can you do this in the real test?
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    Better idea: how many questions can I get right to blow this test away with an awesome score?
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    It's with things like this you understand why you can't rely on a single source of study for an exam. When you come across a disparity in the material, go and see if you can confirm one side or the other with a reliable third source, compare that against another, and you'll find yourself learning a whole lot more. You'd be surprised at how quickly you can become proficient at something when you're correcting someone's mistake or clarifying confusing literature. There's also something to be said for going beyond the scope of your certification-studies to learn something when you run into situations like these.

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    I think its about a 62% you need to pass. Its like 32 questions or something you can get wrong. Of course we really dont know how its scored or how much questions are worth.
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    Try this:

    As well as continue to research additional articles.
    Whenever you have a question such as this, check the author site for errata:
    As well as contact the author/publisher for clarification...perhaps you help them correct an error for the next printing by doing this. Without knowing the context each of these was presented, it's hard to say if they are incorrect or correct. Best to work to understand where in the OSI this presents and I think the above link should help.

    Please don't think of the exams as a 'I can miss 'x' and still pass'. Strive to understand the objectives as published by the vendor. Ask questions when stuck. Do your best. Pass/Fail isn't as important (long-term) as knowing the material for the next level (be it exam, or career).

    Yes. You can mark questions. These type of answers are found on CompTIA's FAQ or around their sample question. Seen it there before, but I"m short on time to digging for it.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for your all relpys, it has open up my eyes on how much study you actually need.
    I guess you cant reply on one study material.
    I thinks it stupid how you paid for the study guides and on the front pages it say

    Im passing the pratice exams in the studymaterials with 70%, my exams are in 2weeks.
    I really hope I have enough time to catch up and pass the real exam.

    I really cant aford to fail because im jobless and need to pass
    this certification for get an entry level IT job.
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