Any good books for the OS exam?

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I'm currently studying for the OS exam. Right now I'm using Myer's A+ All in One 4th edition/Passport books. Some people said that Myer's books are good for the A+ Hardware exam but lacks information to be a good OS study source. Can anybody recommend better books out there? Thanks.


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    i used examcram.
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    Examcram like bellboy says it good. Some people don't agree with Myers book, maybe for the way they understood the material.
    It all depends wth how good you are and how confident you feel toward the Os and its obstacles.
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    nothing beats a bit of experience in each operating system. microsoft may still offer eval versions of win2k or xp if you wish to take advantage of their offer.

    if you have solely been a win9x user, it is beneficial that you have some knowledge of nt and/or win2k. your final score could depend on it!
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    Hi, I also have the A+ All IN ONE book and I even recommended it to a friend. The main problem with his book is that he doesn't talk about NT much in it and it is on the A+ exam. Just to let you know.
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