Passed this Afternoon...

StevenFL02StevenFL02 Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hello everyone.

I had been putting off this test for a while, but finally took it today and passed. It was my first Microsoft test, so I was probably a little more nervous than I should have been. The length of the questions are definitely much longer than those of Cisco and CompTIA.

Anyways, I had no experience on Server 2003 prior to preparing for this test. I set up a small lab at home and used the Microsoft Press Book, Exam Cram, CBT Nuggets, and Technotes.

I still feel like I need quite a bit more time on Server 2003, but I hear that will definitely come while studying for the 291 and the many more tests awaiting me on my path to MCSE status.

Thanks to everyone on the forum for all of the useful advice. I don't post too often, but come here quite a bit for much-needed advice and motivation.

Thanks again everyone, and I'll be seeing some of you in the 291 and CCNA boards.


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