Router not working with New Cable Modem

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Ok guys this is a kind of long story but please bear with me I was hoping some genius could help me. One day my internet just stop working and my ISP sent someone. I was not home but they told some of my family members that the problem was the modem and they gave me a new modem and I was told they tried and tried but couldnt get connected while using my router. So the tech left the message saying I could only connect directly to the modem and I must check my router. I have a linksys WRT54G router and a Arris cm550 modem. Ive tried reseting both the router and the modem by removing the power cord, i have released and renewed the ipaddress, i reset the router to factory default, even tried using a static Ip address and nuttin happened. The techs from my ISP seem to be incompatent giving me no satisfaction. They seem to feel its the router well my laptop conects to my router but it jus wont allow it to come online and I have a next PC that is connected via Ethernet and wen goin trough the router that cant connect. Please give me some assistence because I think it would be quite a coincidence if my modem and router failed the exact same time especially seeing I had no power surges or anything. Please help me cuz my laptop and PS3 all connected wirelessly with no problems for months until I got this new modem. Thank you


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    Can you connect to the internet if you just connect the cable modem to the computer?
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    ULWiz wrote:
    Can you connect to the internet if you just connect the cable modem to the computer?

    That's a great way to try and isolate the problem.

    Also, make sure the modem isn't in stand-by mode.

    Are they assigning you an address via DHCP or did they give you a static address you had to configure manually?

    If you go into your router's configuration, you should see a status section. What does it say there? If it's something like all 0s, you either haven't configured an address or it's not being assigned one by your ISP.
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    I have to agree with both of the above posts.

    Although you did a rather lengthy write up you did fail to mention if you can get online hooking directly into the cable modem. If you can hook directly into the cable modem with a PC and get the internet then the problem is definately on your end.
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    Is the new modem a different model from the old? Is it a modem/router combo? I've seen a lot of those out there, Verizon especially loves to hand them out. If it is you'll need to put the modem/router into bridged mode to allow your router to get across it. Also you may wish to make sure that the isp isn't doing any mac filtering on their end. It doesn't sound like it but there's a chance they may need to reset the mac address on their end to your router and possibly also for your modem. But I'm leaning more towards my first idea of it being a modem/router combo.
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    thanks for all the advise guys I was able to connect trough the modem itself the problem came when i reintroduced the router. Someone on another forum gave me the answer tho it was that I had to go to MAC address clone and enable it so it cud use the Mac addres it was already using
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