First post , looking for some help :Security +

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Currently working on getting my Security + , but want well prepared and want to get some extra hands on experience..

I have the option of going to New Horizons tech training - $2000 , or transcender options ( was looking at the online course and labs ,pactice exams..$600..

My question to all of you is Which would be better, would like to get cert in 2-3 months or less , would like to make it as cheap as I can ,but the more I learn from it the better or is there a better route.

My background...

3+ years experience in tech support , 2 year it degree , currently working for a tech abuse desk..


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    I would go with Transcender, as I've heard lots of good things about them. I'm not familiar with New Horizons but I'm a great proponent of self study. Experiment with encryption and setup some labs for yourself, practice with PGP, sketch out ideas and explanations for why and how DAC RBAC & MAC work, and read read read. Go over the tech notes here, they're great. A lot of the exam is getting the head knowledge and having a general idea how it is applied. Not necessarily the nitty gritty details. You should be fine and get some great experience doing it this way.
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    I would go with Transcender for the practice exam, but I wouldn't get their other training materials. I love their practice exams, but I will never buy their supplemental materials again. There are better ways to spend your money.

    I did mine in a month of self-study with those and spent less than $400 (excluding exam fee).
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    Definitely go with the transcender. The exam isn't a cakewalk, but shouldn't challenge you enough to require a $2,000 course to pass. I'd say you'll get more out of your own reading and self study as well.
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    Thank you for all your help , so far it seems more like a mixed bag , user preference.

    Question is the CBT $199 12 video package worth it?

    The Transcender virtual labs are not really worth it I take it?
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    I would spend the $200 on CBT Nuggets over the virtual lab in a heartbeat.

    You can "build" your own lab and do all the exercises you want with VMWare Server for free.

    And honestly, everything they have listed here seems to be beyond the scope of the Security+. You don't need to know how to carry out those tasks for the exam.

    That Syngress book I linked to has a number of exercises in it as well. Those will be more than enough to get you through the exam.
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    Comptia is easy exams, so better get a 2 books that cover the whole topics and if u need CBT I recommend testout or cbtnuggets
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    I agree, I don't really think there's a need to build a lab in order to prepare for this exam. I used the Sybex book in my preparation for the exam that was quite comprehensive. Since this exam is more broad concepts than practicum, I don't think you should have to learn any processes or simulate anything in a lab environment.
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    Thnak you again , one more question based on the following is there a better first cert. to get

    My experience:
    3+ years Tech support
    2 year degree
    Currently working in a abuse desk setting.

    Overall plan : Add on to my resume , gain some experience , look for a higher paying job ( dont we all want that)..

    Looking to get into :

    Net admin.
    IT security

    Next : What would be a good second cert?
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    I have found out recently that A+ is still highly recommended, at least where I live. Good luck on your Security+ exam. I am studying for mine and I am using the Security+ Fast Pass book by Sybex and one of my college classes was Network Security which has the CompTIA seal on the front. You can actually find both of them on Amazon. The book I used in class is Security+ Guide to Networking Security Fundamentals, Second Edition by Mark Ciampa and it has very good lab exercises.
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