Free cd burning programs?

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I need one to burn data cds for work, so I don't care if it lets me burn mp3's.

Anyone familiar with any?


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    XP ?
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    LostinSpace: a burner app usually comes with the drive (cd-rw). Didn't yours come with one?
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    I'm running 2000.

    Yes, this drive most likely came with software, but I think they have long since lost it, since the person who used it before me had to download trial versions.
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    If you were saddled with a second or thirdhand CD/DVD burner, chances are you didn't receive any software with it. This really is a shame. After all, a CD/DVD burner can't burn without software.

    Lucky for you there's Burn4Free. Burn4Free is the very latest in free burning utilities, with one added bonus -- the ability to burn data DVD discs. If you have a DVD-/+RW drive you can burn copious amounts of MP3s, JPGs, and other files quickly and easily. Now before I get ahead of myself, while Burn4Free will allow the creation of data DVDs, it will not, I repeat, will not, burn DVD video discs. If you want something that will burn all your pirated DivX movies to DVD, you'll have to find another app.
    See TechTV's article

    Try Burn4Free

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    sorry that i can't help you with your original enquiry, but i agree that windows xp is pretty good a creating data discs from items on your drive.

    nero burning rom is relatively inexpensive though.
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