Finally Passed this test!

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Finally I passes this ugly test icon_lol.gif

Score :659 or 73%

its been ultra hard but I can say its good to finally pass this test,

Here a sample, of some of what I have been through:

1st time: Failed, had no idea that there is as limit to ISDN connections
:) just remember 18 000 feet

2nd time:close but no cigar 527 failed by one question I changed in the end

3rd time: you will not belive what happened next icon_eek.gif
Power fail or as in South Africa we call it : LOAD SHEDDING just as I clicked Begin test icon_eek.gif

What are the chances of that happening?
much more than winning the lotto probebly!

4th time :freebie from last time Wrote, got 659 Bliss icon_lol.gif

To anybody who is about to write I can advise you such:

Dont change your answers no matter how hard it is (easier said than done). icon_wink.gif

Have more than one textbook to learn from (I used Exam Cram 2 ISBN no:078973254icon_cool.gif plus any other official textbooks from the university/college you are doing

Get preplogic 15 minute guide and technotes and print the 15 minute one to refer to just before the exam.

one last thing drink a can of energy drink just before you write :D

and most importantly: DONT GIVE UP EVER !!!!!!!!!

I know I should have given up after the second time but I dident and With my own inisiative I passed and passed well!

So remember, Whatever you do, Dont give up, no matter how expensive the test is in your country.

just try again,
and you will pass without a doubt. icon_cool.gif


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