Server 2008 Hyper V

SWMSWM Member Posts: 287
Has anyone played with Server2008 Hyper V yet ??

I saw it demonstrated at the "heroes happen" roadshow and wanted to give it a try on my Intel dual core processor. It took a lot of fideling and bios settings to get it running and I can now run several os's OK.

My problem is my NIC's. My Intel board has a Intel 82566-2 Gigabyte nic but I cannot get my virtual os's to access my local LAN.

I know the virtual os's are OK as I had them running in Virtual PC2007 under Vista OK, they run with Server2008 but I have no network access .

I'm wondering if it is just a beta thing and it will improve when hyper-v continues along its development.

Anyone else got it to work ??
Isn't Bill such a Great Guy!!!!


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