MS Deployment Customer Toolkit DVD-- FREE!

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For Canada/USA only.
It's never been easier to realize your company's potential just by capitalizing on the potential of your information technology. The tools you need to evaluate, plan, build, deploy, and operate that technology can be ordered right here. This toolkit contains tools, resources, and articles to help make your desktop deployments easier than ever before.

U.S. and Canadian customers can get the Desktop Deployment Customer Toolkit DVD for Windows XP Professional, Office XP and the new Office 2003 Editions * (while quantities last).

Get them while they lasts.


  • 2lazybutsmart2lazybutsmart Member Posts: 1,119
    I'm hearing this word "FREE" very often these days; which isn't very commonly associated with the name Microsoft. What's going on?
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    Nothing bad is going on- it is legit straight from MS. MS offers free products (i.e security update CDs and trial versions of their products) to people. All you have to do is sign up for it (if you want).

    I found these links on another forum and thought it be nice to share it here since everyone here is studying for MS certs.

    If you like, I can stop posting these types of links. Just let me know. Sorry if I have violated any of the rules.

  • 2lazybutsmart2lazybutsmart Member Posts: 1,119
    nothing of that sort man. I was just trying to be a bit sardonic about M$ giving things away for FREE. That's all. And I know it's legit and straight forward.

    sorry for the confusion
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  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    perhaps m$ have realised that they have to be seen to be offering stuff for free in order to reduce the actual/possible* shift to *nix servers.

    by making patches and updates and whatnots available on disc sets it aside from open source operating systems that rely solely on having such things available by download only. m$, of course, has had its patches and updates and whatnots available by download for as long as *nix, and, unlike *nix, probably has resources to allow for a few million (or whatever) units of patches and updates and whatnots discs to be posted out.

    the question remains to be seen, i guess, when it will switch to mailing this discs out to people who have registered the products.

    *select as you see fit
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  • 2lazybutsmart2lazybutsmart Member Posts: 1,119
    Well at least I recieve a FREE copy of the latest MSDN every quarter...

    Thanks Billy icon_rolleyes.gif
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  • tcpsyntcpsyn Member Posts: 28 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I registered for microsofts free security summit as well..
    It is a bit odd that all of a sudden they are giving us things.
    Change makes me nervous.
    And we're using windows why?
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