I gotta free voucher

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I'm trying to deicide if I should take this test or not. I"m already CCNA certified. For thsoe who already got experince how hard is it to show up for the test with a few days of prep and pass. I gotta use it by satuday. icon_eek.gif


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    I havent taken the exam but you have a Voucher so why not go for it?

    Nothing to loose!

    Just study as much as you can and get it done.

    One outcome and you have atleast gained exam experience.

    The other outcome (which i hope you achieve) is you gain another certification.

    As i say either way you have nothing to loose. :D

    Good Luck!!
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    Focus on networking technology specifics in association with cable technologies, i.e. 10Base2, Coaxial, and BNC. OSI model and common networking protocols (i.e. TCP/IP, IPX/SPX)... You'll be fine.
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    I would say there is a lot in common between the exam content. I have not taken the CCNA but I would say you would pass it easily. Just brush up on cable distances, ISDN, older networking stuff, things like that. Its only a 62% passing score, 554 out of 900. There are a few weird & vague questions in the mix but not enough for you to fail if you have the CCNA already. I say go for it.
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    Sie wrote:

    Nothing to loose!

    Gotta agree there!

    It's not a difficult exam. Based on the info it's similar to A+ where you know it or you don't. Facts are facts so cable lenth, types of hardware, IRQ etc... no of that changes between the exams these are pretty static points. If you know those, download the TechNote PDF for NETWORK+, and the objectives.....see how you'll do...souds like you might know this material, so it should be a review for you.
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