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Permissions question.

Say i wanted to make a specific share where a group "alpha" had the following rights:

able to create folders and files
able to delete ONLY self-created folders, files (Creator Owner)
unable to delete folders files that are not self-created.

So i created the following security groups:

- Alpha (This folder and subfolders and files)
allow everything but "Delete" and "Delete subfolders and files"
- Creator owner: Full control

Now that works great, by testing a text file creation, deletion, aappending, overwriting data.
But when i take a program say AutoCAD and open a file i am not the owner of and try to save changes to it, it wont let me. It would only let me if i add "Delete" trigger for Alpha which makes the entire permissions thing irrelevant and it is pretty much "Full control".

Any ideas?



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    What are your share permissions?
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    Just try "Modify" for Alpha and "Full" for Owner/Creator.
    Like Mishra siad also check your share permissions, which should be Alpha "Full Control".
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    Hey guys, thanks a lot for your reply!

    Share permissions are:
    Alpha - full control

    I just found out that i think it is an AutoCAD issue only. I could only assume that it deletes/recreates the file to which changes are saved into.
    I was able to save changes to non self-created files using Microsoft Word, Excel and plain txt.
    I suppose then the permissions work as designed.

    Weird issue. Makes me wonder what the hell AutoCAD does when you save changes to its files.

    Thanks a ton!
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