Netowork monitoring not picking up 'Release'

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Hello again! Ok, I've got a lab set up including 2 servers, 1 router, 1 switch and 1 client running windows xp. After following a lab exercise in the ms press book, I noticed that when running network monitor on the DHCP server, and then releasing an IP address for another computer.. the release record was not registered in network monitor like MS press book said it should.

Any ideas why? It's recording Discover, Offer, Request and ACK fine when I renew. Thanks!


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    Are you using any filters? Does the address end up being released on the DHCP server?
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    I feel somewhat embarrassed! I cant think why now, but basicly i had a superscope set up. 2 scopes, one and one The server kept going to the second scope, and client was going to first scope.

    So after deleting the second scope, the server is now retrieving it's settings from scope 1, and the Release is being recorded in network monitor... however, I dont understand why the release wasnt being recorded? Something to do with the DHCP server address being on a different subnet to that defined in the router or something?

    Thanks again!
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