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so, my test is on friday. i wanted some sort of audio training to play in the car on the way to the test site, as it's a 3 hr drive away...

so, i converted the cbt nuggets to mp3's, and i must say, it's pretty nice. i've been listening to them wherever i go, and i swear i'm picking up more by listening to them, then by watching them.

all day at work i have them playing on my little cubicle radio...

maybe i'll try playing them at night, like one of those stop smoking subliminal cd's :)


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    Cool. I was thinking about this while I was watching them the other day. I realized that you really didn't need to see what was going on to still get a lot of information out of them. This is especially true if you've already been through them once and/or are familiar with the consoles, dialogs, etc.

    What did you use to go about the conversion process?

    Good luck with your test.
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    Sounds a good idea, i've been watching the Learnkey videos with Mr Spurlock and
    wondered if it was possible to convert to MP3 file ?
    Please let me know if possible,
  • majkowskidmajkowskid Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I used a free program called "Batch Audio Converter" to convert them all over to WAV first. it converted all the files at the same time. (i have EVERY CBT nugget available)
    then i used "4Musics Wav to mp3 converter" to convert them over to mp3 so i could fit more on a disc.

    it works really well. great quality, quick, and very very easy.

    you can take any .wmv video file and convert it to mp3 with those tools.
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