Studying for the A+ - Which route?

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Well, after much investigation and consideration, I've started studying for my A+. Just started reading the ExamCram book I bought on A+, I'm in the beginning of the essentials area. But, a few questions remain...

What A+ route should I take? 602, 603 or 604? I hope to end up doing Linux Network Administration, but I am not in a job at all yet, so I could end up on an entirely different IT path.

I figured if I get an A+ and get an entry-level job with it, I could choose my further certifications better from there.



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    I went the 602 route because it seems to fit with working at like an enterprise or geek squad type job where you will be going to peoples desk and working with them face to face. A lot of physical interaction if you will. The other two seemd to me that they were geared for people working over the phone or in a repair shop with no customer interaction. I don't know if any of them will benefit you in the long run in regards to Linux+ but the 602 is the most popular, especially if you're planning on getting a job afterwards.
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    I'd likely pick 602.

    There is a good deal of overlap between all the exams based on the objectives....however, more people are favoring the 602 exam and frankly the 602 truly seems more in line with the majority of tech positions....meaning if you 'errored' and took the 602 and endup with a help desk role....I think you'll be qualified to handle the position just fine.
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    Go 602, the others are just there if your employer tells you to take them.

    When I took mine, I believe the essentials was the hardest exam out of the two.

    I'm working on my Network+ then I'm also going for Linux+ after that. Only thing about Linux and certifications is that they aren't incredibly important from what I've heard but its better safe then sorry.
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