unsubnetting, so they call it

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Confused, Do I have this right?

I see in some address in practice tests, the ip address will have a /24 after it. Now, I know that this is the class of the subnet, A = /8 , B = /16 and C = /24.

But, I still don't under stand....why?

If you are looking a exam question, and it shows 2 systems, on the same subnet, and the address of the network is Router (gateway and the 2 systems (we'll say) system1 is and system2 is Now, in this peritular question, it didn't show the subnet mask. Is this /24 just stating that is a class C subnetwork? Because it's 192.168.1 is the network address, and the last octet is just the node. Is that all it trying to say?

Let me know if I confused you :D

Thanks guys.

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