70-290 sybex second edition

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Hi all, i am using the sybex books by lisa donald and james chellis, what else do you recomend for real life examples of the test for 70-290 study meterial?.


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    Are you wondering what you should be labbing?
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    You may learn something!
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    What I did was create Virtual Machines of various servers and practice lessons learned in each chapter to supplement what I was reading. Once I mastered that I did scenarios to focus on implementing troubleshooting.

    For example, you all users save there documents locally on their PC in the 'My Documents' Folder. How would you setup home drives for each end user and then redirect the My Documents folder to their home drive for smooth transition and acceptance.

    You can then take it a step further and administer backup and shadow copies for redundancy and recovery. Pretend that a user accidentally deleted a critical doc from 3 days ago, and recover it from the shadow copies.
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