Passed.. No thanks to CompTIA

pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
852 outta 900..

Am i happy? perhaps... nuff said on this topic
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    Congratulations Pandimus icon_thumright.gif

    Unfortunately there can never be enough said (excepting actual questions of course) about ones experience with the exam. I am interested in your thoughts as to the style of the questions and also how the questions followed the objectives - IE crypography 15%. I know that I came across maybe 25/30 % in that area, but when I queried this I was told "Oh, but those questions can also be part of other objective areas."
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  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    honestly, i was not too worried about the percentage of questions in each objective.. So i really didnt pay much attention to the amount of each objective i recieved. But as you and me both know, there whole goal in this test is to see how well you can read into the questions. I would say this test would be more appropriatly considered logical quessing based on what they want you to think they are thinking. You would have to agree that the majority of there questions are absolutly opinionated.. Honestly i dont know how this could be considered a hot cert. People should stray away.. I would say that maybe 30% of this test is based on some kinda fact.. Like Generally speaking if you are dealing with a web browser question if ssl is there that is probably the one..
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    Congratulations Pandimus! Great job. icon_cheers.gif

    You must be on a real high right now, so not a good day to go flying a plane, fixing a plane and definitely dont go handling any munitions! Go get an ice cold beer instead...
  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    Actually i'm on leave today.. Actually ive been on leave all this week and next... So no munitions handling for me.. Specially drunk munitions handling..
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  • WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin

    Although CompTIA may not have the skills to setup a security certifications, the Security+ and the MCSE Sec must look cool on your resume ;)
  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    the Security+ and the MCSE Sec must look cool on your resume

    I was thinking the very same thing.. Havent had time to edit it yet.. But i think CCNA will be better lookin.. I think them fools doin the hireing know better than comptia...
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    Most Excellent, pandimus! Congratulations on the new certs.
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    Great Job Pandimus!
    852 outta 900

    ..but why do they score the thing outta 900 instead of the usual 1000.
    CompTIA... icon_rolleyes.gif

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  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    but why do they score the thing outta 900 instead of the usual 1000.

    comptia.. i guess...
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  • LexxdymondzLexxdymondz Member Posts: 356
    Congrats on the pass....and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a job now with all those nice certs ...... icon_cool.gificon_cool.gif
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    24 Hours in a day...24 Beers in a case...Coincidence?
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    Congrats on the pass Pandimus
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