Is it just me or is N+ a lot to remember?

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I'm on chapter 19 out of 20 on my Mike Meyers Managing and Troubleshooting Networks book and so far I'm worried about all the little things they are mentioning in it. If anything, it seems like theres a lot of topics that Comptia can throw at you that could only be mentioned in one paragraph. It seems like its a haven for questions that come out of left field (which I remember getting a few of those when I took my A+ cert but not this much).

I don't know if it'll effect me much that I haven't had a IT job yet, since a lot seems to be based out of real world usage. I found it impossible to find a part-time job IT job thats worth a damn. Most of the little boutiques have long since dried up where I live. And now the computer business is controlled by Circuit City, Best Buy, and Fry's.

The Internship at my school is pretty much my best bet for any real world experience but I'll to wait until May to find out if the Professor thats in charge would take me in.


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    Yeah i thought it was pretty easy until i got hit with netware, ipx/appletalk, mac osx questions. But it has a pretty dang low passing score so i really dont think it should be to bad for anyone that has some nice knowledge. It is based off of nine months work experience so do expect alot of questions like "a [blank] is setup with [blank] what could be wrong that it is not recieving [blank]"
    I wanna be ccie
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