Pinging multiple loopback interfaces

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Edit: I went back and re-config everything from beginning and it worked, not sure why it didn't work in the previous configuration.

I setup a 7200 using multiple loopback interface (0, 48-51, 70) but I was only able to successfully ping the local loopback 0.

loopback 1 -
loopback 48 -
loopback 70 -

From 'sh ip int bri' & 'sh ip route', it shows both up and directly connected. I then did a 'debug ip packet' and ping the loopback ip and it shows as being unroutable.

The issue seems to come from the fact that loopback 1 and the rest of the loopbacks are in different subnets. Furthermore, I tested it by creating loopback 47 as Surely enough it worked.

But why does it matter that the loopback interfaces are in different subnets when they are both local interface? I have also disabled cef and added in 'network
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