quick question about cisco switch, and internet

lildeezullildeezul Member Posts: 404
Ok, for our internet network, all we have is one gateway modem with 4 eth. ports connecting to the internet.
we have computer using internet though this one gateway, and 2 wireless internet connections running to this gateway.

Now i understand that LAN congestion can be cause by to many users on one gateway.
I also understand that switches provide more bandwidth, and break up collision domains, and broadcast domains ( if using vlans)

so my question is, can i use like my spare 2924 switch for internet connection.
For instance.

6 connnected computers

Current what i have: Gateway
4 connected computer

this would creat a colision domain for each port of the switch, and if i use vlans for each port, it could break up broadcast.

Could i be able to do this.

should i creat single Vlans, for instance: Vlan 1= Gateway and switch fa0/1
Vlan 2= Switch fa0/2 and a computer
vlan 3= switch fa0/3 and a computer

and ect and ect.

could i be able to do this, or should i keep it all on the defualt vlan.
and wouls this clear up some of the congestions i am having.??

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  • remyforbes777remyforbes777 Member Posts: 499
    Arent the ethernet ports on that gateway switched ports?
  • lildeezullildeezul Member Posts: 404
    I have no idea.
    its a wireless cable modem. from netgear. CG814W.

    and i just notice, sorry I posted this in the wrong section
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  • remyforbes777remyforbes777 Member Posts: 499
    Yeah those are switch ports on the cable modem. Could you use your 2924? Yes, you might need a xover cable to connect it to the 2924.
  • lildeezullildeezul Member Posts: 404
    now since the gateway modem has switch ports, this means all my computer are in the different collisions domains, but same broadcast.
    i could have them each in one broadcast if i implement VLANS.
    Now if i would implement vlans like i wanted to do in my first post, could it benfit my home network, by having each computer in its own collision and brodcast domain?
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  • remyforbes777remyforbes777 Member Posts: 499
    No. You don't have enough computers to worry about breaking your 6 computers into separate broadcast domains unless you were doing practicing on routing protocols.
  • lildeezullildeezul Member Posts: 404
    So adding the switch without vlans wont be befenicial huh?
    but i could do it witouth using vlans, and make it work right?

    6 connected computers -
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  • TalicTalic Member Posts: 423
    Sounds to me that your running out of bandwidth to the internet rather then a local network connection. Unless your problem is with slow file transfers to other people over the network.

    Your setup sounds kinda weird to me, both the modem and the router are together. My isp just gave me a modem and they let me get whatever kind of router I need. If your internal network is sluggish then I would get a better wireless router and plug that into the combo router your using right now, a nice 1000baseT router with a some draft n sounds good. If your internet is slow then you'll need to cough up some more dough to your isp or you can look into limiting clients on your network to a certain amount of bandwidth.

    I think your getting a bit to technical for the problem your having, sometimes its best to just stick to the basics :P but if you really want to find out if collisions are the problem then you can look for some packet sniffing programs or something similar and try monitoring your network and see whats going on.
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