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I'm using the CompTIA Security+ book supplied by CompTIA to study for the Security+ test. Is that a smart move? I ordered the book last year in October after failing the test the first time. I notice that everyone is using Sybex and others, but would it be alright for me to use this book to study? I also noticed that the exam is now 2007. Am I going to bomb the test again or do I have a chance at beating this test?
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    ...Am I going to bomb the test again or do I have a chance at beating this test?
    Only you can determine that. If the exam required genius, then only 1/1000th of people would've passed who actually have.

    In my experience, two factors largely determine degree of effort to pass: preparation & real-world experience. The less you have of the 2nd, the more of the 1st you have to do.

    I recommend this process for your prep:
      1. Add a 2nd book to your CompTIA book. I like Syngress, but opinions differ. 2. Start with the CompTIA book. a) Do chapter test, b) read chapter, then c) re-take chapter test. First take is your baseline; second take is actual performance. 3. For every qn missed, research the Q&A. Don't just memorize; RESEARCH IT! Actually locate it in the book IN CONTEXT, and then cross-reference in each book to understand IN CONTEXT. 4. Done with CompTIA? Repeat steps 2 & 3 for Syngress. 5. Done with Syngress? Take practice exams until you score mid-80s or better on three (3) consecutive ones. (Research missed Q&As as described previously.)
    If you do this, then you will pass with no problem.
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