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Hey everyone,

My work is sending me to the SANS GCIH 504 course in August and i was just curious if there is anything I might be able to get ahold of before the course to do a little self studying? I am not a big fan of just going in and reading a couple books in a bootcamp style course and saying that I am certified. Would like to do a little studying before hand so that I can be more qualified after I get the certification.


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    Hmm, seems nobody really has taken any SANS courses or something.
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    From what I have heard it is expensive to earn SANS certs, may be that is why you haven't found anyone with a SANS cert on this forum.
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    GCIH 504 is an Ed Skoudis course, so any books and articles by him should be the recommended read. Basic information on pen testing and incident handling would be good to know too. Check the SANS Reading Room for relevant papers.

    Ed Skoudis' Top 10 Hacking Resources
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    zenlakin wrote:
    Hmm, seems nobody really has taken any SANS courses or something.

    I know a few colleagues that attain GSNA, GCWN, GCFW, and GSEC. They are both security specialists; and they regard them the SANS Gxxx certs highly. Unfortunately, I dont hold any and cant commment too much.

    The only thing I can provide is the link from the SANS homepage for the GCIH

    sorry I couldnt help you out more.
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    Well, plans have changed and I am actually going for my GCIH the second week in May. I will let you guys know how it goes.
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    I hope you enjoy your SANS exp. and obtain your certification :D
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    expensive.................. training.
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