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is Safari booksonline worth of subscribing, beside this forum, which is by the way so far SUPER> :D. Very nice Network+ guide Sincve i'm planning to take network+ and then CISCO CCNA. in the future.


working on CCNA


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    Couldn't say one way or another.
    They do offer an trial:
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    For around $22 a month, I would say it is well worth it. I asked the same question on this forum a little while ago and got some positive responses. Just subcribed a couple of days ago. Already have 2 book added to my shelf. It is sounding promising so far. Just do MATH. How much do you usually pay for 1 technical book, and here you get upto 10 books in a month. They might not all be the exact ones that you want and there is no way you are going to read all those in a month, but you don't have to either. One way or the other, I think it is worth it.
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    thank you guys :)
    working on CCNA
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