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i am thinking of talking the Net + exam soon , i have a question for the ones how took it already ,
is there a lot of subneting questions like this :

How many maximum subnet IDs are possible in this situation?

Class C network, subnet by borrowing 5 bits

or any routing questions ?

Which of the following commands will help to create a static route from a router Router A to destination network
Your answer:
D. ip route
Correct answer:
B. ip route


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    as I wrote it on 3 of april

    I can tell you don't be scared about subnetting

    ---you saw all that maths right?

    but do know what it is and what its used for,
    and he purpose of routing.

    other than that if your really good you can read preplogics 15 min N+ PDF
    it summarises everything you need to know well

    as for textbooks have more than one
    some inconsituancies can be picked up

    read my earlier post It might help you

    Good luck on your exam :D
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    worry about how to subnet once u reach ccna.. if u go that route

    for network+ u just have to know the theory about it.. not actually how to do it

    why do u subnet and what does it help?
    COMPTIA : Network+, working on Server+
    Cisco: CCENT, CCNA, working on Cisco Security, then hopefully Cisco Voice or Wireless
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