Passed 70-291

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Earned my MCSA today. Read the horror stories on this site, and thought I should contribute my experience. Passed with 763 on first attempt.

I had 47 questions (1 sim).

DNS - 40%
DHCP - 25%
RRAS - 10%
WSUS - 10%
Various other topics - 15%

I used the Microsoft Training Kit, and VMWare for training resources. Read the book twice. Used the provided simulation exams. Used VMWare to play around with the different interfaces. Have no real life experience with any of the topics except for WSUS. I was pretty familiar with the majority of the topics before starting though.

Hope I didn't indulge too much information. Also hope this helps anyone on what to expect.


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    congrats :D
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    congrats bud
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    Congrats greymouser, and welcome to the site. :)
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    Well done! Whats next one the list?
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    Congrats!! hopefully I,ll be in the same shoes next week.
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