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I'm debating whether or not to take a Windows Server 2003 class. I know I'll gain some knowledge, but if it's not going to drastically reduce my study time for the MCSA exams, it's not really worth it to me.

I just wanted you guys to take a look at the book we're using and see if you think it would cover the exam fairly well. Meaning, after I read it and study it, would I have a pretty good grasp on the two Win Server 2003 exams required?

Here's the ISBN, and thanks a lot.


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    well the book LostInSpace is reffering to is:

    Mastering Windows Server 2003 by Mark Minasi

    As the name suggests, you'll probably be able to "Master" win2k3 if you read and understand everything this books says. Now that doesn't neccesarliy mean you'll be able to pass both win2k3 exams (although you should be able to: I'm not saying you can't).

    A good approach for exams is buying an objective-oriented study guide. These books leave out all the "extra" knowledge not required on the exam and help you keep focused on your theme (i.e. studying for exam xx). "Mastering Series" books by sybex (and most sybex books are excellent) are usually for that guy who just wants to learn the stuff inside out or will want to use it as a reference when he gets stuck.

    Anyways, Best of Luck on your studies.
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    That will work then, I'll stick with the class I think. Even if I have to buy a "refresher" book when I go for the exams. I'm thinking of just getting the 2003 server exams out of the way first too, then taking the XP exam.
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