how to save my config of pix??

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can any one guide me how to save my config of pix in tftp and on the the other hand i am using SoralWind TFTP server download from is this ok?

Below i am giving you the snap look of my pix

cctec# wr t
Building configuration...
: Saved
PIX Version 6.3(5)
interface ethernet0 auto
interface ethernet1 auto
interface ethernet2 auto
aatec# copy
Not enough arguments.
Usage: copy capture:<capture-name> tftp://<location>/<pathname&gt; [pcap]
copy http://[<user>:<password>@]&lt;location>[:<port>]/<pathname>
flash[:[image | pdm]]
copy tftp[://location][/pathname] flash[:[image | pdm]]
aatec# copy captureicon_mad.gifyz tftp://192.168.x.10
ERROR: capture <xyz> does not exist.
usage: copy capture:<capture-name> tftp://<location>/<path&gt; [pcap]

can any one tell me why ERROR is coming
Thank you


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    PIX/ASA: Backup and Restore the Security Appliance Configuration Files
    * Use the tftp-server, config net, and write net Commands to Backup and Restore a Configuration in PIX 6.x or 7.x
    * Use the copy Command to Backup and Restore a PIX 6.x Image
    * Use the copy Command to Backup and Restore a Configuration on PIX/ASA 7.x
    * Use a Terminal Emulation Program to Backup and Restore a Configuration

    On the SolarWind side, make sure you configure security to allow it to receive files
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    Captures are for file captures, not your config (And they're much easier to access via HTTPS)

    As Mike said make sure you configure Solarwinds to receive files aswell as send then -

    On 6.x
    write net TFTP IP:/Filename

    e.g. to write your running config as the file MyPixCFG.wri (you don't need to add an extension but it saves time) to a TFTP server running on
    write net
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  • netteasernetteaser Member Posts: 198
    What I usually do is connect to the pix using the web browser and backing it up this way which shows you all of the encrypted passwords.

    Example if your pix is

    type thse commands in

    http server enable
    http inside (enables your specific workstation to connect to the pix)

    once you do this from your workstation go to
    login and view your configuration
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