Hi I've sign up with [url]www.proprofs.com[/url]

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Hi I've sign up with proprofs.com aswell and try there 3 practice exams. Alots of their questions seems to be out of date has anyone experienced this?
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    I haven't really checked out that site but you usually get what you pay for.
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    Yes they are, none of them were beneficial to me during the tests. I suggest going with sybex or a known helpful study aid.
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    I've read the exams and yes there are some questions that are a little out of date in regards to the updated exam objectives, BUT any question that makes you think and research if you have a question only make you understand the topic better I believe.

    I think we IT techs all experience people who live in the past and are very opinioned about what they know...or don't know.

    Don't look at them as being wrong but options for you know know more for the exam.
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