Taking Net+ Exam in less than 24 hours

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Hey Everyone,

I'm taking the Net+ Exam tomorrow Morning. Is there any last minute advice or anything Specific that I should really know? Please Advise.


  • brad-brad- Member Posts: 1,218
    Be calm, relax, it'll be over in just a minute.

    Seriously, get some rest though.
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    good luck. wish u all the best go and nail that sucker
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    best of luck icon_cool.gif
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    Probably too late but get some good rest, reach each question carefully and mark the ones you don't know and come back to them in the end so you minimize the amount of time you waste. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Whoo hoo!! I Passed! Thanks for all the advice!

    There are definitely ALOT of Scenario questions, and some very detailed knowledge is needed, especially knowing what is associated with Each OSI Layer.
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    Congratulations icon_cool.gif
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    'grats. icon_cool.gif
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    think about what kinda brain **** u are going to do when u sit down.. u get a piece of paper, so jot down some stuff

    right down the osi model.. cables and distance (copper n fiber)... class ranges... 7 steps on trbleshooting, well known port numbers



    since u took the test already.. how did u do?
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    ^Brain ****? Maybe you're thinking of something else? ;)
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