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im having this problem with my dmvpn where is not matching the voice packets as it should,
the device is an 871w with advipservices IOS, and the hub is a 2821 with advipservices ios also
a created the test policy for vlan one and this is the output

Policy on fa4
Class-map: VOICE (match-all)
this one is not matching same voice packets as vlan
1116 packets, 235496 bytes
5 minute offered rate 1000 bps,
Match: dscp ef (46)

Policy on vlan1
Class-map: vlan1 (match-all)
this is more like it, this class is apply on vlan1
21823 packets, 1623454 bytes
5 minute offered rate 29000 bps
Match: ip dscp ef (46)


  • ilcram19-2ilcram19-2 Banned Posts: 436
    just in case someone else has this issue

    QoS pre-classification does not work when tunnel protection is applied

    When 'qos pre-classify' is applied to a GRE tunnel with 'tunnel protection'
    configured, the pre-classification does not happen.

    ----Regression Note

    This works properly up to 12.3(10.1)T

    Seems to be broken starting with 12.3(10.3)T3

    This has been fixed in 12.4(16.06)T.
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