CCO account access for CCNAs

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I have not received my certification package in the mail yet, but I was wondering if part of the package includes access to the special download section via CCO login?

A couple of years ago, the company I was with had smartnet contracts and I was able to grab all the latest IOS, Pix updates, etc...



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    If I remember correctly they have different types of access, meaning that access to CCO doesn't necessarily mean access to IOS downloads. Several years ago I was able to register as a Cisco Consultant, but I don't think they provide that option anymore. It gave access to several CCO sections, but not the main software downloads. For the latter I think you need to be a supplier of either Cisco support and/or equipment.
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    I just received my package last week, all that comes in it is the certificate, a crappy little plastic CCNA card, and that's it. The Access you are asking about it part of CCNP if I remember correctly. Only cool thing is a replacement certificate was free, I have already ordered a second one for home (first copy is at work).
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    On the registration screens, you can request additional access if you qualify as a partner, reseller, direct customer (smartnet), or having a CCIE cert.

    I was hoping an active CCNA would get me beyond the current 'guest' level access on my CCO login ID. Drat...

    Oh well, our office has plans to get a CSS load balancer this year, so I'll make sure we don't skip on the smartnet contract. :D

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    Ref you cco account, you should have received and Email from cisco with a certification ID, you log in with that instead of your old cco, this will get you access to the certified forums etc. Ps halflife carefull with using you logo I had mine on my website Cisco emailed me telling me to removed it because I was in violation of the cisco logo terms and conditions!

    Webmaster great website!
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
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    I read over the agreement deal with the logo and I did not see anywhere where it said I could not use it in this manner. Plus I figure if I can use it on business cards I don't see why I can't avatar it for my post?? If I am violating some sort of agreement I didn't see it and I can remove it if needed.

    Edit. I removed it anyway, but I just re read the logo agreement and I did not see an issue with me using it here. It also said you can use it on your personal website so I don't why they made you remove yours.
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