LSP Problem!! No Internet connectivity

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I wish to share this "troubleshooting out of the problem" scenario of mine, it was funny and kind of embarrassing icon_redface.gif doing everything correct and nothing works.

I was carried away today and did troubleshooting for almost one hour without success, and almost reinstalled the XP OS (which could not have solved the issue)

After removing malware from a system the LSP was corrupt (missing). The system connects to the lan and internet properly but cannot browse the internet or resolve any dns name. Check everything tripple check, but no way out.

HJT to my rescue after I got frustrated and had to run it reluctantly. Only then I found the missing entry of the LSP and used the LSPfix to repair it and live came back to the pc.


  • hettyhetty Member Posts: 394
    This is what we call and ill use a UK industry term here 'knackered'. Reinstall it, any malware on a system unless its relatively minor is not worth taking a chance with IMO.
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