Are these sufficient study materials?

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I began studying for the Sec+ exam with with Wiley Security+ Prep Guide. The book was decent and it had a lot of practice questions on the software but I felt like it wasn't being thorough enough, so I borrowed the Sybex book from my boss and I think this one is a bit better. Should the two of these be sufficient materials? My exam is in 10 days so I'm hoping so :)

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    Depends on what other experience you have, really. Sorry to be so generic...
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    Well, i would say, definately Sybex is a brilliant book to start with, as it gives very well defined course outline, But i think, after getting an idea of what it includes, definately read every topic in depth, from different sources, especially about Encryption, Key infrastructures and Ports.

    Rest is ok-ish in Sybex. Syngress's books are always good though.

    After you are done with study, try and give Sample test on this Forum, and when you are almost ready to go for an exam, Google different study guides, they are good, as you get to understand the whole situation and scenario.

    Above all, again try some Mock Test simulations, good for decision power i'd say.

    Hope it helps.


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