Help with mcsa track ???

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Ok I got this from wikipedia

The Windows Server 2003 MCSA is achieved upon passing 2 networking system exams, a client operating system exam, and an elective exam. The Windows Server 2000 MCSA title is granted after taking 3 core exams and one elective. Meeting the current requirements for the MCSE designation will almost certainly meet the requirements for MCSA.

so from my understanding, most people track to the mcsa is


Well i really wanna take the 70-270 next week especially with the sweet deal microsoft is offering , so here is my question. If I dont plan on having my mcsa for a few months is it worth going this track? Can I take an vista os exam for my mcsa and if so which exam number, I saw the mcts track but wasnt sure if those could substite. I want to be as current as possible. I have had one server class, so needless to say i will have alot of studying, but for that class our book was called mcsa/mcse

Thanks >.<
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    Funny that I would stumble on this thead. My manager couldn't make her mind up between two people, and just when she was going the other way.. voila a thank you card tipped it back in the other person's direction and she was given the job.
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    The Vista exam counts towards both MCSA and MCSE, in addition to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator. You can do this exam in place of the Windows XP exam as the desktop OS exam or you can use it as an elective. I'd recommend using it at the desktop OS exam if you haven't taken any of the tests for MCSA at this stage in the game, and move forward from there, choosing another elective that will server you better.

    And a piece of advice: don't trust Wikipedia to give you all the info on certs. Go to the vendors' sites and look up information on the tests and certs there. Wikipedia is okay, but it relies on people entering the right information, and no one going in to sabotage posts. The vendor-sites have the original information from the source.

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    Alright thanks you alot SlowHand :D
    I wanna be ccie
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