I passed

_maurice_maurice Member Posts: 142
I passed the 70-290 exam today! I got a 942!!! I was so nervous cause RS_MCP kept failing it. But theres other people here who say they passed it the first time. and now I'm one of them. yah!

I had 6 sims. Full on desktop environment too! Not too difficult though... The sims on the test are easier than the drag and drop sims in Transcenders.

Anyways, Transcenders is the only prep software i used. I read a big fat Windows 2003 Server book by Mark Minasi, he's great at teaching MS stuff. I plan to continue using Transcenders to study for the next 5 exams for an MCSE.

My background includes 4 years of windows server administration, so I have plenty of experience, but it is in a non-AD environment; so AD stuff is what trips me up..

I scheduled the 70-291 for 4 weeks from now. It's heavy on networking, but thats good cause I have a CCNA and work for a firewall company: SonicWALL. If anybody uses sonicwalls, I would appreciate to hear what you think of them...

To add fuel to the fire, Transcenders was not necessary for a pass. It sure does help though if you want to pass it the first time around. The question format in Transcenders is like a sneek peek to get you in the correct mind set for an MS exam.. my 2 cents.


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