70-291UPDATED- LAB DONE- Thanks Spacer 08

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Hello Everyone,

This is first time to post so please forgive my first timer mistakes. I am currently studing toward MCSA 2003. Since January I have passed 70-210(2000 Pro), 70-290 (2003 Server), and now working on 70-291. I ran into a problem that is causing me cumulative problems in labs past this one.

Page-5-40 -Number 5. command dnscmd computer1 /recordadd domain1.local @ ns computer2.domain.local

Due to environment changes my exact command typed is

C:\>dnscmd server01 /recordadd domain1.local @ ns server02.domain1.local

Results: Command failed: ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED 5 <00000005>

Environment- Server01-2003 Server as DC contoso.com and configured as DNS server.
Sever02-2003 Server running DNS3

I was attempting to make server02 the authoritative sever.

-Does anyone have any ideas???

Thanks in advance for your time and any input you may or may not have regarding this scenario.

Have a great day!


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    This may seem really stupid, but are you deffinitly logged on through domain and not locally? I made a similar mistake after a long day of studies where I got access denied... turns out it was because i logged onto the local computer rather than the domain icon_redface.gif

    Thought it might be worth a shot to start off with!
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    Hello Spacer_08,

    First thank you for taking the time out of your day to post your recommendation. Really stupid errors are the best place to start and in this you were exact on the money.

    After Logging on to the domain I had no problem running the command. In my defense it was 5 am when I was studying prior to leaving for work icon_redface.gif .

    Thanks again for your time & input.

    Have a great day!

    I now can continue reading doing labs Wohoo!!
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    You're more than welcome! The MS press book seems very good for this exam (better than 290 imo) however there are quite a few mistakes, and there were one or 2 poorly worded lab examples/diagrams that can throw you off course so try not to let these ones stop you in your tracks.


    If you refer to the above link when you think that something maybe a misprint etc as this lists all known corrections for the book (the 1st edition of the ms press book at least, not sure if they rectified these for the 2nd). Thanks to dynamik for providing that link.

    Also! When you get to chapter 7, there is a somewhat confusing diagram regarding superscopes. Please see the thread below:


    Best of luck with 291!
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