mcse or mcsa?

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does anyone has any info about the difference among these two
i know one is engenreeing and other is administration
mcse=7 exams and mcsa=4 exams
but which one would be better and y?
please i really need help in this matter b4 i go buy any study material.
thank a lot everyone


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    Any experience? Long-term you will definitely want to obtain your MCSE. The issue here, if you have no experience, is some companies will frown on obtaining MCSE without having any experience. On the other hand, some companies will commend you for it because it showed you are a go-getter and you spent your own time obtaining this certification.

    With experience, I would definitely go for the MCSE. If you have no experience, try for the MCSA and see how the job hunting goes. You may be able to get into a company as a junior administrator or as a helpdesk technician which typically provides you with the ability to move up into an administrator role.

    Since it will take some time to get the MCSA, you have between now and then, and even afterwards, to search the job market and get a feel for what job offers are out there and what they are looking for in your area.

    Good luck!
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    Yep +1 what royal said, but it could be 5 exams for MCSA depending on what elective you choose to do.

    A+ & Network+ or MCDST (70-271 & 70-272) as your elective, there are other electives which are only 1 exam
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    I would go ahead and pursue the MCSE. I had a post on here similar to yours b/c I was struggling with the same thing. Here's the track that I've taken....I got my MCDST first, 70-271 and 70-272, then 70-270, 70-290, 70-291, 70-293, and I'm taking 70-294 next week, then 70-297 by the end of May. I started in November 2007. You'll feel a tad bit burnt out after you get your MCSA, but you have to look on the bright side, only 4 more to go to get MCSE. Plus, a lot employers don't even know what the MCSA is. Hopefully I'll have my MCSE by the end of May, early June. The MS Press book works great for these test along with a book to compliment it and I used CBT Nuggets. I wouldn't recommend using the MS Press book for 70-293 unless you have some experience. I have 5 years worth of experience in the IT field.
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    Go mcse! ive found that few actually value the mcsa - thats off personal experiance. which is why i am going to finish the mcse
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    thanks all for great feedback & info
    all you guys are really great help
    thank you
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