credits for maintaing CEH

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Ok I have read over and over the CEH credits requirements, and I have read the threads discussing the need to gain credits to maintain certification...

I am struggling to understand if I can use other certifications and other vendors books to gain credits....

Can anyone clear this up for me?
encrypt the encryption, never mind my brain hurts.


  • livenliven Member Posts: 918
    I am going to contact ec-council on this one.

    I don't think that ISC is as strict. For instance my boss and I went to a SNORT seminar and he was able to use that for credit. Plus he is able to use just about any I.T. or security related publication for credits. Granted it is not a lot of credits for each publication, but it is aleast an alternative to paying lots of cash to go vendor specific events.
    encrypt the encryption, never mind my brain hurts.
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    Just info for anyone else interested in this, because it is quite confusing...

    You can use other vendor credits and materials. The EC-coucil continuing educatin portal allows you to submit activities; They have even addede podcast listening as a credit item. You can read two books a year for 5 credits each, attend conferences, give presentations, listen to podcasts, etc. Of course the EC-council exams give you the full amount of credit you need in one shot (at least at the CEH level). But you can do a lot of other things in the timeframe you need to renew to earn your credit hours.
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