(BSCI) Redistribution questions

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1. With IGRP -> EIGRP, redistribution is automatic within the same AS#. Do the IGRPs show up as an internal or external EIGRP route?

2. I tried to set up a lab:

RouterA --- RouterB --- RouterC --- RouterD --- Router E

RouterA: ISIS L1
RouterB: ISIS L1-L2 + EIGRP
RouterC: EIGRP

I'm trying to redistribute ISIS L2 into EIGRP.
I configured summary-address on Router B.

RouterC should receive all the routing information, right?

I noticed my RouterA didn't have a default gateway setup; should it be automatic when there is only one L2 router?
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    When you redistribute into EIGRP you need to set the metrics. If you do not specify metrics going into EIGRP it will use a seed value of 0 and the routes won't be entered into the routing table.

    You can set a static default route on RTR A or you can advertise one to it via RTR B. It will not automatically have a default route.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I had no problem redistributing into EIGRP, except with that one ISIS L2 example. When I did it with all L1-L2, there was no problem. I think it's just my misunderstanding of ISIS, so I will take another crack at it again.

    PS. Any reply to the first question. I don't think my 12.3 and 12.4 routers can do IGRP?
    Buying hardware for a home lab is addicting-- (Need.. more.. toys...) **(need.. more.. money)
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    Just my 2 cents...why do you care what IGRP does? No one uses that anymore including the tests :)
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