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I am new to studying 291 after passing my 270 and 290 recently and I am trying to understand the difference between conditional fowarding in DNS and Using a stub zone.

as keep getting confused thinking there both mean the same if anyone could explain them to me i would be very grateful.

many thanks


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    With forwarding you designate IP address of servers to handle requests for particular domains, if these servers were to be replaced you have to manually change the forwarder details so that they would function again.

    I.E you setup the forwarder of hello.com to and so that all request for hello.com are sent to those servers. if the servers were migrated to and .13 then this would no longer work

    A stub zone is a scaled down secondary zone that replicates the NS, SOA and A records of the DNS servers only in the domain hello.com. In the same scenario above the change would be replicated to your local DNS servers automatically. This reduces admin on the server and replication cost on the network.

    I hope this explains it
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