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Hey Gang,
Well, I scheduled my 70-290 exam for Monday morning 9 am.

I've read over the technotes on this site, preplogics study guide twice over....have done preplogic practice exams twice over and am passing them all. I'm ready to jump

Any last words?
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    Have a good night's sleep and be calm and collected. Dont try to learn extra stuff very close to the exam, and dont worry about failing, because you know how much you are ready for it.

    I am preparing for the exam myself, booked for 29th May. People who have written the test, say ---- KNOW YOUR PERMISSIONS AND SHARES. Good Luck !!
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    Make sure you read over NTFS/Share Permissions, Terminal Services, IIS and dont worry about the sims! They are very easy!

    You'll probably get 5 or 6 guaranteed.

    Good Luck & keep us updated! icon_cool.gif
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    Wow, what an eventful day.....

    First, in order to take my test I had to drive 2 1/2 hours. There were 3 other testing centers *only* an hour away, but I would have had to wait 4-5 weeks to take my test.

    So I leave my house at 6 am to get to my destination by 9 am. On the way there, low and behold, I get a FLAT TIRE! .....Just my luck! Murphy's law follows me everywhere. So I call the exam place, tell them I'm going to be about 20 mins late. They were cool about it.

    I finally get there and begin the test. Wow, this test is not to be taken lightly. 45 questions that took me 3 1/2 hours, due mostly to the fact I reviewed every single question because I was not too confident on my answers. At the very end I took a deep breath before I clicked finish to reveal my fate.......(wait for it)............

    I passed with a 785! (exhale)

    It certainly was not pretty and my brain felt like mush. Then I had another 2 1/2 hour drive home. (sigh)

    I guess in the end everything turned out good with a few minor inconveniences. *cracks open a beer* Now it's time to relax.
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    NICE! congrats and enjoy another beer for me :)
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    What a day! I have had just as bad...

    Congrats on the pass! :)
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    Nice job. Glad it all worked out. icon_cool.gif

    So did you have to drive all that way on a donut?
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    sprkymrk wrote:
    Nice job. Glad it all worked out. icon_cool.gif

    So did you have to drive all that way on a donut?

    I drove about 15 miles on my donut and had another 20 to go when I decided to stop at a tire place. 20 mins later I was driving away with a new used tired (they didn't have a new one in my size). I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry, especially with my luck. I could envision my donut going flat....then I'd REALLY be screwed.
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    It's all good. I could only imagine driving back 2.5 hours after failing.... I have to drive the same distance to my test center.
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