Passed 290

tomtechtomtech Member Posts: 39 ■■□□□□□□□□
Background: 3 yrs experience T1/T2 for City government.

Two weeks of studying. I didn't think I was ready, but I had vouchers that were expiring soon so I crammed and went for it.

45 questions, 4 sims. As I went through the exam, I had a feeling I was going to fail. I spent 2 and a half hours on the exam. As it scored, I kept expecting to get a 500-600.

Guess what I got?


I couldn't believe it. I got lucky. 700...barely passed, but a pass is a pass.

My weakest area was "Manage and Maintain Access to Resources"
I would recommend people to really make sure they know permissions and AD. A lot of questions on that.

Now for 291 to get my MCSA! I'm definitely going to make sure I study/practice enough for that.


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