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Hey Guys,

Thanks in advance for reading I know its a bit long....

My Dad and Mom is using Outlook 2003 on his Windows XP SP2 machine.

They use ONE user account to both log in to the machine.
(They do not wish to use seperate user accounts)

The machine is a standalone PC with its own internet connection.

The email account they use is Hotmail.

They both access their own email using two different Outlook Profiles.

They have at least three PST files on each profile.
(They do not wish to have to type 3 passwords each time they log in so password protecting the individual PST files is not an option)

Ok thats the background heres the question:
How can they password protect each profile? I dont think this is possible but just wanted to know if there was any way around it?

(I know they coul use two user accounts or just one pst file but they have their way of doing it and they dont want to change)

Note: This has come about as they have recieved an Email from Microsoft stating that they no longer will be able to use Outlook Express with their Hotmil accounts. Outlook Express allowed them to password protect each identity.
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    I didn't see anywhere where I could put a password on a profile when I checked. It looked like just the data files. Is there a reason they couldn't consolidate them into a single data file? If not, maybe create something like an extra archive profile for them, and move the old data files to those. That way, they'd only be prompted for multiple passwords when trying to open the profile with their old data files. Or do they need to always have access to everything?
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    Dont know the answer to your question of hand but, Windows Live Mail is the replacement for Outlook Express. They are shutting the protocol used by OE off and the newer protocol used by WLM will be used instead.
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    Thank you for your replies, looks like they will just have to accept what they have or use two user accounts.

    It appears Windows Live Mail does not support this feature either:
    Protect your e-mail with a password
    You can access e-mail from multiple e-mail accounts, but Windows Live Mail isn't meant to be used by multiple users on a single Microsoft Windows account. Signing out of Windows Live Mail doesn't prevent other people from accessing your e-mail on the current Microsoft Windows account. Anyone who opens Windows Live Mail in a particular Windows account can see all of the e-mail accounts that have been added to Windows Live Mail, not just their own e-mail account, without entering a password.

    You can't create Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail identities (A method used in Outlook Express that allows multiple people sharing the same computer to keep their e-mail separate. Identities aren't used in Windows Live Mail.) in Windows Live Mail. Instead, to protect each user's e-mail with a password, create a separate Windows user account and password for each person who wants to use Windows Live Mail on the computer. Each user will then be able to log on only to their own Windows account and access only their own Windows Live Mail e-mail accounts.
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    Maybe one uses WLM & the other thunderbird? Seperate user accounts would be the way to go though IMO.
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